BLUR’s Riverview Ballroom at the Gaylord National Win’s Georgia AIA

I was thrilled to hear this project designed by BLUR Workshop will be receiving an AIA Georgia award this year. The large empty interior space with its walls of windows and detailed mullions created a photographic challenge that we overcame with some scale figures and detail shots. The exterior did well speaking for itself and we came up with some really gorgeous samples of how the building interacts with the space it holds on the riverside. Temperatures during twilight shooting dropped to a less than favorable twelve degrees with wind-chill (by far the coldest this southerner has ever been) but it was well worth the pain; ending in a set of images that delivered the commendation this project deserved and generating the publicity BLUR Workshop was after. 

Shot on the Fuji GFX with the combination of Canon 24mm-tse and Hasselblad CF 50.  

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