Landing Page Sequence for Trapolin Peer Architects

We had the opportunity to make a short hero sequence for the landing page of TPA’s new website and it turned out awesome! Shot on the GFX with Fuji 32-64 along with the DJI Ronin SC for stabilization. I love the challenge of video and the narrative possibility within the edits; this was a short one profiling office life but I hope to make some profiling residential projects in the future. Video is a great way to help connect the photographs together and understand the flow and story of the space; in a world of seamless integration, gifs, videos, and imagery would be the perfect combination to explain a project. 

For example, check out what The Local Project is doing in Australia. Beautiful work documented to perfection! 

Soundwaves by BLUR Workshop

We made it back out to Soundwaves, a large scale indoor/outdoor waterpark designed by BLUR Workshop for Opryland in Nashville,  this year before they opened up to the public to finish up our interior and exterior documentation of the project. One of the unique demands of this project was the complexity of the space, dynamic and engaging when in person, but hard to describe with ample credit in still images. While this pushed the photography to more creative means, favoring moments, inside and out of the park, that are clean and calm, it also opened up video as a possibility to document the ostensible experience of the spaces giving us the chance (and pleasure) to create some awesome videos! 

KIPP Nashville Wins AIA

Excited to hear Manuel Zeitlin Architects won an AIA for their KIPP college prep campus. The site was originally a family homestead (in fact, the family graveyard still rests within a stone throw from the rear of the building) which influenced the exterior design via overhangs and materials typically associated with barns of the era which were removed before construction. Capturing the exterior was all about showing off the use of the layering structures to control light throughout the day. We shot the interiors to showcase the use of bold colors to make the space more interactive, along with moments that reveal the relationship with external surroundings. 

All in, a fun project to shoot and we came up with some fantastic images! Still working with the Fujifilm GFX combined with Hasselblad 50mm and shift adapter, Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift, and Mamiya 110mm.

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