KIPP Middle School Wins Two AIA Awards in Tennessee

We had the opportunity to finish up the two phase project by Manuel Zeitlen Architects in Antioch Tennessee. The previous year, we shot the Elementary School which received AIA honors and I was so stoked. When I found out this year that the Middle School has been on a hot streak of awards, I was thrilled. There is nothing better than creating documents that honor good design and being part of the process that leads to those projects getting the credit they deserve. We love working with Zietlen as they reshape the face of the Nashville area.  

1629 North Johnson

This restoration by Anthony Cane transformed a traditional New Orleans shotgun into a hidden modern bungalow. Unassuming from the street, the house harbors an awesome reveal evident right when you walk through the front door. Gutting the house completely, and adding a second story loft, he managed to take full advantage of the lot, making a comfortable residence on the left side of the unit, along with a remodeled rental on the right. Loved the surprise walking into the space, it really makes an impression on the expectations of design in honoring the history of New Orleans architecture while immersing itself in a modern dialect. We loved shooting this space!

Landing Page Sequence for Trapolin Peer Architects

We had the opportunity to make a short hero sequence for the landing page of TPA’s new website and it turned out awesome! Shot on the GFX with Fuji 32-64 along with the DJI Ronin SC for stabilization. I love the challenge of video and the narrative possibility within the edits; this was a short one profiling office life but I hope to make some profiling residential projects in the future. Video is a great way to help connect the photographs together and understand the flow and story of the space; in a world of seamless integration, gifs, videos, and imagery would be the perfect combination to explain a project. 

For example, check out what The Local Project is doing in Australia. Beautiful work documented to perfection! 

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